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RMS Ambulance has extensive experience in providing specialist patient где найти работу transport and courier services to the public and private healthcare organisations. With dedicated ambulance teams, that comprise serving frontline emergency service personnel and highly qualified health care staff, you can rest easy in the knowledge your patients are in the safest hands - no matter what the journey brings.


RMS also offers essential support to the organisers of public and sporting events, who have a responsibility for ensuring medical crews with equipped vehicles are on standby for the full duration. Our multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals and emergency service personnel from the rescue services enables us to offer specialist cover for all types of events, including extreme sports, hard to reach areas and festivals that attract crowds of over 90,000 people. When you work with RMS you have real-time control over every aspect of a project. From the live tracking of ambulance crews to a personal RMS case assistant who understands your specific demands, we слоты онлайн играть бесплатно без регистрации are here to provide the tailored and cost effective RMS support service that best suits your event, facility or Trust.


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The Advantages of choosing RMS Ambulance Ltd

• You have highly trained uniformed professionals - offering a first strike assessment and treatment with no delay

• Reduced 999 ambulance calls

• Reduced blue light presence

• Less licensing and policing issues

• Reassurance for your staff and patrons

• Named First Aiders can focus on their own role

• You can draw on our close relationship with local authorities - to clarify and diffuse difficult situations

The highly skilled multi-disciplinary RMS Ambulance team only features currently serving emergency service personnel and NHS frontline staff, including:

• Pre-Hospital Care Doctors

• HCPC Paramedics

• Specialist Nurses

• IHCD Ambulance Technicians

• Emergency Medical Technicians

• IHCD & RoSPA Emergency Response Drivers

• All RMS Ambulance personnel are DBS checked

• We offer regular training updates - particularly in the abuse of substances

• RMS staff are trained in sexual health and assault - acting as a liaison service for other services.

• RMS staff are trained in mental health, alcohol and drug awareness - offering a non-judgement service

• RMS attract dedicated people - by taking an interest in staff welfare and development

• We have trained specialists for mental health transport - where a threat of violence has previously existed

• Over work times

• Over skill levels

• Over the delegation of tasks

• Communicate directly with your RMS support team onsite at all times

• Add more resources as service demand increases

• Add specialist equipment on request

• RMS Ambulance is a smart, modern and cost effective operation

• Highly professional and experienced staff

• Modern vehicles and equipment

• Overseas transfers can be arranged

• We assign you a personal RMS case assistant who is familiar with your service and demands

• We offer value for money and can forecast for budgets

• We provide a fixed rate for service contracts

• All services are inclusive of the price - regardless of distance* or equipment use

• We will work with the service user to ensure a fluid and trouble-free operation

• We offer regular updates - where the hand over or collection of patients is held up

• Avoid unexpected delays 

* Agreement on service packages for unlimited distance traveled

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