Transfer Services

Transfer Services

Our services are not just response we can provide transfer services throughout the UK to get patients and loved ones from one location to the next.

No matter the distance we can provide you with the pieace of mind that the correct staff will be traviling with the patient to tend to there needs


The patient transfer services can provide;

  • High dependancy units for emergency transport.
  • 4x4 vehicles for more remote or weather effected areas.
  • Regular patient transferss.

Blood or organ transfer.

  • We know how important time is when getting vital organs or blood to where they are required, Remote Medical Services can aid with this in a time pressure situation, we use our Rapid Response Units or 4x4 fleet when bad weather hits to make sure that delivery is met within the required time.

Repatriation services

  • The repatration service is offered to those that require a medical escort to get the paitent back home safely from another country whilst needing quility care thoughout there journey.